Does it make sense? Read the label!!

 Does it make sense?  Read the label!!

The first thing you should ask yourself is does the label make sense? I had someone reach out to me looking for Hemp Extract oil.  They had been using it for specific conditions on a younger person and had some success with achieving control but needed a refill but could not find what they originally purchased.  I asked for a picture of the label so I could make sure to give them the same dosage that they were already using successfully.  Once I looked at the label details I could see that I have no idea what was on the inside with regard to strength.  The bottle was a 4 oz / 120ml bottle by volume according to the front of the label.  You could see it was a 4 oz / 120ml bottle so that label was correct.  But on the back, where you would expect correct dosing it was anything but that. 

Simple basic math would give you the correct mg per ml but that is not what was on the label.  It was actually a fraction of what it should have been, or much much more than labeled.  Not really sure to be honest. The label suggests a .05ml dose, with 60 doses in the bottle.  That is way off.  .05 / 120ml = 240 doses, not 60.  So, is there 8.33mg per dose like the label says? or 16.66? or 4.17?  There is no way to know what the actual dose per ml is based on that label. 

What is on the label matters

That said, it is amazing any kind of control was obtained not knowing what dose actually being administered.  The key to any medicinal compound, whether natural or pharmaceutical is consistency.  Dosing the same amount with regular intervals to achieve the desired results is also common sense, not just medical knowledge.  Not having accuracy on the label, especially with something so new like Hemp Extract, is irresponsible and potentially dangerous.  While there is no harm in consuming large amounts of Hemp Extract, that isn’t the point. People are stopping prescribed medications with the hope of continued control with Hemp Extract.  But how can that happen if labels are not true. Accuracy on the label is paramount in establishing not only government approval but also in gaining consumer confidence.  I go through a lot of time and expense to make sure what is on the inside matches what is on the outside. Plus, I have another set of eyes look over all labels before final approval.  Mistakes happen.  Catching them before they go public is a must.  See how Gemstonz labels are formatted here

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