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published on August 11, 2020

Gemstonz best selling CBD is the brainchild of Marcy Colley, who’s been using cannabis since 1978. Harnessing her passion for THC/CBD and combining it with her inspiration to create tinctures and edibles without pharmaceuticals. We were lucky enough to chat with Marcy on her company, her entrance into cannabis, and what lies in store for Gemstonz in the near future. Read more below!

Julia (AskGrowers): When did Gemstonz first open?

Marcy Colley (Gemstonz) : I started in 2013 under the California Prop. 215 medical marijuana market. I was on dispensary shelves as a brand, not a storefront myself.

Julia : Are all your products and ingredients made and grown in-house, or do you source from outside Gemstonz?

Marcy :  I source my CBD distillate from licensed farms in Oregon. Everything else is made in house using proprietary formulas I personally developed after extensive research and testing.

Julia : What are the specifics in your CBD Pain Cream recipes? What makes it unique?

Marcy : Like I said above, what makes mine different is that they will still relieve pain, heal skin or moisturize even without CBD.  In the pain topicals I use Emu oil for deep delivery of all the medicinal properties, and I use higher concentrations of essential oils.  Also, most other brands use a lotion as a delivery.  Those are made of a small amount of natural oils and butters blended with water and then use a chemical emulsifier to hold the oil and water together.  I only use oil based fats and butters making for a rich, thick balm free of chemical, synthetic or artificial ingredients. No water.  No chemical preservatives needed unlike anything using water in the formula.  Vitamin E is my natural preservative. Best selling CBD at Gemstonz.

Julia : What differentiates you from other CBD brands?

Marcy : Most CBD today is white label from a handful of large suppliers.  The offerings are generic.  My topicals will still do the job that they are formulated to do even if the CBD is removed.  I use natural botanicals, herbs and essential oils, in addition to CBD.  Most of the topicals on the market now use only enough essential oils to fragrance them, not provide meaningful healing.   I also use Emu oil to deeply deliver pain relief.  I don’t see that ingredient on any label other than the original Emu 420 brand.

Gemstonz CEO Marcy Colley, award winning CBD

Julia : What is your best selling product currently?

Marcy : Pet products are hot.  I’ve even added topicals formulated for pets that are lick safe and heal skin issues.  Pain-relieving topicals and tincture combos are equal.

Julia : What’s your personal favourite Gemstonz product? What do you love about it?

Marcy : My Full On pain stick is by far the best pain reliever on the market.  I created it for my brother-in-law who had a terrible shoulder injury.  The essential oil profile is very extensive and robust directed at all aspects of pain.  Nerve, muscle and bone pain are all covered with essential oils plus it has 500mg of CBD in .50 oz. tube. It stops spasms, nerve pain and arthritis pain in your bones. Gemstonz best selling CBD

Julia : How are you dealing with COVID-19?

Marcy : It has been unfortunate for the storefronts that carry my products.  Some are closed.  Some have limited access.  Sadly, some have gone out of business.  I’m thankful to have a core of long term business keeping me open but it has been slower than usual.  I have a website that is picking up momentum now.  I have been lucky to gain 3 new storefront customers during this time.  They are brave people opening a new business during a shutdown. I applaud and support them.

Julia : Are there any CBD brands that you follow or try to emulate?

Marcy : Not really.  There are so many out there it is hard to keep up.  To be honest, I have not found any products that compare to mine.

Julia : What would you recommend to try for beginners in CBD?

Marcy : That depends on what they are trying to accomplish.  It isn’t just one size fits all.  That is why I have such a diverse product line.  Some want to use a tincture because their neighbor told them to.  Others don’t want anything ingested, only topical.  That is part of the problem with getting education and information out to people.  Most people, even working in the industry, are clueless on how to recommend a product.  It is very frustrating for me to listen to people misinform the public so they can line their pockets.

Julia : What’s your attitude towards THC and THC products?

Marcy : Love them!!  Not all are created equally.  I started as a THC brand.  I have been a flower girl since 1978.

Julia : Does Gemstonz have any plans for the near future? Expansion, new products or product lines, etc?

Marcy :  I am always adding new products.  Expansion will depend on Covid-19.

Julia : If you had a chance to smoke with anyone in the world, who’d be your pick and why? ?
Marcy : Martha Stewart because she is awesome and has been a closet smoker forever like I used to be.  It would be fun to chill with her.

Julia : What advice do you have for new start-ups in the CBD/cannabis industry?

Marcy : Go away.  Most have no idea what they are doing and don’t use the product to begin with.  They just want to get in on it for a quick buck.  There is no quick buck done with integrity. Go away is what I say.  The industry is flooded.  Pooling your money, drawing a logo and slapping it on a white label, mediocre product does not make you a company with integrity, in any industry.  Why would it here?

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    Your Lip balm is a God-send. I have now ordered 12 and I place them everywhere. My skin is supersensitive ,especially my lips. They often feel like I have burned them om on a hot beverage and I have before. I think nicotine is the biggest factor in burning my lips. I have shared them with friends but no more. They can get their own.

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