What is Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD?

Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD is a CBD product which contains additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The difference between Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum is that Broad Spectrum products specifically do not contain THC. They contain all the other components but ZERO THC.  CBD Isolate is the isolated CBD molecule with no additional cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids.


Will I fail a drug test using CBD?

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation on this subject being published in print, online and social media.  Most are attached to a company pushing their CBD product.  Gemstonz will not make a sale at the expense of someones’ livelihood.   Read below for the facts.

Fact: CBD is a cannabinoid, therefore, will show up on a drug screen that is testing for all cannabinoids. 

While most pre-employment drug screens are looking for THC, opioids, and hard drugs, certain jobs will test for all cannabinoids resulting in a failed drug test.  High risk jobs like truck drivers, pilots, construction, healthcare workers are just examples of who may test for all cannabinoids.  When in doubt, do not use CBD without clearing it with your Human Resources department at your place of employment.  Gemstonz accepts no responsibility or liability regarding positive test results and job loss from the use of these products.


What are topicals?

Topicals are CBD infused balms, creams, lotions and oils that are applied to the skin to relieve a variety of pain and skin related issues.  In addition to Hemp CBD, Gemstonz also uses a vast array of natural essential oils to provide optimal results.


Can I get high from topicals? 

These topicals are made from hemp CBD extract with no THC.  There is no high associated with these topicals.  Topicals generally do not cross into the blood stream, therefore, there is no high associated with topicals. This statement is not intended as a guarantee and Gemstonz accepts no liability.


Will I fail a drug test from topicals? 

Topicals generally do not cross into the blood stream, so there should be no positive drug test. Blood tests vary by industry as stated above, with some looking for all cannabinoids, others just looking for THC.  When in doubt, do not use if job loss is a possibility without consulting your human resources department at your place of employment.  This statement is not intended as a guarantee and Gemstonz accepts no liability.


Are your products lab tested? Yes, both the hemp CBD extract that goes into the product and the final products have been third party tested.


Can you ship hemp products outside California? Yes, hemp is legal in all 50 states, protected by the Farm Bill that was signed in Jan, 2019.


What does ‘all natural mean’?   All of our products are made with only the finest natural oils, butters, essential oils and hemp CBD extracts. We are proud to say that there are no chemicals, parabens or petroleum in any product. Where possible, organic ingredients are used and no GMO anything.


How do I get my order? Orders ship daily via USPS. 


What happens if I do not receive my order? Tracking information is sent when the order is placed. Orders ship daily, with delivery taking 1-5 days depending on distance.   Gemstonz is not responsible or liable for stolen packages left at your delivery address.  USPS updates when the package is delivered.  Retrieve packages promptly to avoid theft.  If package theft is a possibility, provide a secure location for the delivery to be made from the USPS.  


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